Registration & HM

Each death must be registered in the area where it occurred, although it is possible to give the information in another area. The process of registering a death involves a short interview with a registrar in a Registrar's office. The main Registrar's offices in the area are listed below:

Doncaster Registrar
Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BY Tel: 01302 735222

Rotherham Registrar
Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE Tel: 01709 823542

Barnsley Registrar
Town Hall, Barnsley, S70 2TA Tel: 01226 773555

Consultations with registrars are by appointment only and you must produce the relevant information and documents to register the death.

Personal information about the deceased required includes their full name and address, their date of birth, details of the location and time of death, and their occupation if applicable. If the deceased is a married woman her maiden name is also required as well as her husband's full name and occupation. You will need to produce the Certificate of Cause of Death, more commonly known as the Death Certificate. The Death Certificate is given to you by a GP or hospital doctor. In the event a coroner is involved, the issuing of a death certificate can be delayed. A coroner is involved when there is to be a post mortem examination or inquest into the death. A death certificate will not be issued until the coroner has conducted the examination or inquest. This can take some time and can affect the funeral plans.

Only certain people can register the death. These include any relative of the deceased, any person present at the death, any person who lives in the house where the person died, or any person arranging the funeral, other than the funeral director. On completion of registering a death, the registrar will issue you with two certificates. One of these is a white certificate to be filled out and given to the social security office in the area the person has died. The other certificate is green and should be given to Turners Funeral Service as soon as possible. This information is provided to help with registering a death.

If you have any questions or need any assistance then please contact us.

HM Coroner

Doncaster Coroners
Crown Court Building, College Road, Doncaster, DN1 3SH Tel: 01302 737135

In any of the following circumstances the doctor may report the death to the coroner:

  • An accident or injury
  • An industrial disease
  • During a surgical operation
  • Before recovering from an anaesthetic
  • If the cause of death is unknown or the death was sudden and unexplained
  • If the person who has died has not been seen or treated by a doctor within the last 14 days or has been admitted into hospital less than 24 hours before they died, the death must be reported to the coroner.


Doncaster Crematorium
Tel: 01302 736900

Rotherham Crematorium
Tel: 01709 850344

Barnsley Crematorium
Tel: 01226 206053

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