Pre-paid Funeral Plans in Doncaster

Pre-paid funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to say to your family, "Don't worry, it's all sorted out".

Our plans allow you to make your own personal arrangements in as much detail as you wish, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with the very same people who will be taking care of you when the time comes. With the cost of funerals rising, many people believe it is very important to take the possible financial burden that a funeral can bring away from their loved ones by paying for their funeral in advance via a pre- paid funeral plan.

The price of a funeral plan is split into two parts: the funeral director's charges (which are fixed at our prices at the time the plan is made) and disbursements (third party costs). As we have no control over the cost of disbursements, we reserve the right to request any shortfall between the price paid under the plan and the price at the time that the plan is needed.

We at Turners Funeral Service believe that if you are interested in a pre-paid funeral plan, then you need to talk to the experts - your local funeral director. For more information or to make a no obligation appointment, please call 01709 770011.