Professional Funeral Planners in Doncaster

Arranging a funeral

In hospital

If the death occurs in hospital, the hospital staff will contact the person previously named by the deceased as the next of kin. This may be, but need not be, a relative. The hospital will advise whether it is possible for a doctor to issue the medical certificate, and when this will be available for collection. If a doctor who has treated the deceased is unable to issue a death certificate, the death will be reported to HM Coroner for that district. Please note that hospital bereavement offices are usually only open during normal working weekdays. For advice contact us as soon as possible.

At home or in a nursing home

If the death was expected, contact the doctor who attended the deceased during their final illness. If the death occurred at a nursing home, the staff will contact the doctor. If the doctor can certify the cause of death you will be given a Medical Certificate that shows the cause of death (this will be in a sealed envelope addressed to the registrar) and a Formal Notice which states that the doctor has signed the Medical Certificate and tells you how to register the death. For advice please contact us as soon as possible.


If a death is sudden or unexpected, you should contact the following people: the family doctor (if known), the deceased's nearest relative and the Police (who will help in finding the aforementioned parties if necessary). If there is any reason to suspect that the death was not due to natural causes, do not touch or remove anything in the room. The death may be referred to the coroner. For advice contact us as soon as possible.